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Our Team

Image of Shane Adams

Shane Adams

Co-Founder and CEO

Shane Adams is a serial entrepreneur and investor in service and technology companies spanning several industries. Shane founded and bootstrapped Sagacious Consultants, a 275 person EHR consulting firm, which he sold to the worlds largest consulting firm, Accenture (NYSE: ACN) in 2015. Shane has mentored and invested in 60+ startups and launched SLĀ Foundation, a private operating foundation, focused on helping low-income high school students achieve greatness.

Shane believes in people over ideas - 95% of companies fail due to poor execution, 5% due to a poor idea. At Pantheon Labs, we seek to develop an execution machine, developed by talented engineers, marketers and business professionals to bring to life the 95% of ideas that never make it.

Image of Ryan Wolfe

Ryan Wolfe

Co-Founder and COO

Ryan Wolfe is a software business owner and investor with a passion for removing friction from the world through education, technology and exploration. Ryan has a depth of experience that includes commercial lending, investment banking and private equity which manifested into running companies from start-up to multi-million-dollar businesses, as well as M&A transactions that were multi-hundred-million-dollar engagements.

Ryan grew up learning business from the ground up from his parents since the age of 13 and has always had a passion for solving complex business problems whether that be improving the efficiency and accuracy of inventory management systems or developing best practices for customer service experiences.

Ryan's role with Pantheon Labs is to ensure smooth operation across multiple rapidly growing companies and keeping businesses on track to meet their goals.

Image of Alex Anderson

Alex Anderson

Co-Founder and CRO

Alex Anderson is a finance leader with a passion for entrepreneurship, emerging technology, and business transformation. He has over 8 years of experience building companies from high growth startup to $100M of revenue.

Alex has spent the last six years of his career as a finance executive at Catapult Solutions Group, where he was focused on molding growth strategy, driving systemic scalability, managing acquisitions, and investment in technology and people. Over that period, the firm transformed into one of the fastest growing companies in the IT & workforce solutions space.

With the Pantheon Labs team, Alex is excited to create truly unique products that will change lives and disrupt industries.

Image of Spencer Kaiser

Spencer Kaiser

Co-Founder and CTO

Spencer Kaiser is an engineering leader with a background in a wide variety of technologies. Spencer was formerly the Principal Architect of the American Airlines Emerging Technology group and led a team of engineers focused on identifying and evaluating the latest tech for use at American.

Spencer is an experienced full-stack developer who specializes in cloud native, TypeScript applications through Node.js and React. Beyond traditional app development, Spencer has past experience developing iOS apps as well as experience working with drones, machine learning, and computer vision. Spencer has a constant focus on promoting transparency, reducing duplication of efforts, and breaking down organizational boundaries.

Image of Jose Valerio

Jose Valerio

Software Engineer II

Jose Valerio is a problem solver with a thirst for continuous learning and improvement. Jose’s background is in logistics and he was previously part of the driver acquisition team at Grubhub where he helped automate processes to increase lead conversion and improve the candidate experience.

Jose is an open source advocate and lover all things cloud. Jose has experience building event-driven distributed systems and enjoys writing documentation to clarify concepts and explain the rationale behind design and architecture decisions.