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Pantheon Labs transforms great ideas into sustainable companies

Pantheon Labs

Our team consists of serial entrepreneurs and software industry veterans seeking to democratize equity ownership in the software space. Pantheon Labs is a venture studio that incubates ideas and grows them into established businesses.

Why do we invest?

We believe that many people's innovative software ideas don't reach a market, or they lose substantial ownership because the skillset and capital required create too high of a barrier for them to pursue on their own or within their network. Software development is one of the most expensive essential pieces for digital-first-businesses and there is a tremendous shortage of talent in the workforce due to the high bar of skill required to become a proficient software developer.
We provide new pathways for innovators to pursue their ideas while maintaining meaningful ownership, even if they lack the necessary skill or time to manage the growing needs of a promising new business.

Investment Approach

We seek to invest in ideas that find an unserved need in industries that have often lagged in software innovation where we can be disruptive and affect meaningful positive change. These industries are often overlooked because they have real world processes that could benefit from a transition to a digital medium, but the friction for transitioning in a substantive way is too great. They also require too much coordination between disparate market participants that traditionally don't interact.
We believe this is where the most value can be delivered to the greatest number of people and improve how we live, work, and interact on a day-to-day basis.

How it works...

It starts with an idea...

We evaluate ideas based on 6 primary facets and dozens of criteria developed from our expertise in creating, growing, buying, and selling companies. This helps us ensure what we pursue is not only a great idea, but can become a sound and viable company.

Rapidly prototype

We then rapidly prototype, beta-test, and iterate to find product market fit before launching a company to ensure we have the best chance of meeting potential customers needs thus initiating a sustainable growth strategy.

We build the team

We put together teams of highly-talented, motivated people that share our values and can execute on our vision for the company. We value diversity of experience and thought, and we encourage input and collaboration across functional teams.

Fund and Grow

We have extensive experience growing companies from inception to eight figures of revenue. We also provide the capital necessary to quickly grow and reach scale. We believe in growing companies the right way; sustainable growth is a result of market acceptance and having the rest of the company grow in lockstep.